Aug. 1st, 2012

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In Twilight:

Writing Jacob feels like crossing a bay on a sailing boat. The breeze is all around you and you can hear the sound of the water breaking against the hull, but you have to trim the sails precisely and tack into the wind. 

You have to watch what Jake knows, or imagine how he acquired that knowledge.

Writing Edward is like crossing that bay on a racing boat. You just push down the lever, the engine roars to life and the boat skitters over the sea; the speed is exhilarating. You can write almost anything really, because Edward probably has heard about it or witnessed it firsthand in his long existence.

But there are certain things that only Jake can say - that only he knows – and you treasure that.  

And Ghost Road report:

570 / 5000

"Sure, sure." I understood the need he felt to be near his imprint was overwhelming. My fingers touched the cold doorknob, and I shivered at the thought of losing my will just like that. Hated the imprint so much!

Like my best friend, the imprint could get me some day. I'd fall for a random girl or guy and would have to leave Edward, which made my heart throb painfully.

"Don't you feel… forced?" Seeing Quil's puzzled expression, I said, "You know, feeling this pull toward Claire?"

"Nope, Jake. Feels like the most natural thing in the world." He started walking away and called over his shoulder. "Just wait until you imprint. It's the coolest thing ever!"


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