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Title: Jacob's choice
Author: herumtreiber
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Jacob/Edward/Emmett
Word count: ~5,379
Warnings: Emmett/Jake/Edward threesome, graphic sex, rimming, Bella bashing, drama, language
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight, not me. This is for fun, not profit.
Summary: Jacob faces a very tough choice
Notes: The previous parts are: Moonlight is for lovers, Moonlight's end, The wolf's Aurora, The moonlit skies, Confrontation in Volterra, Toscana interlude and Hot Volterra nights
Also for [livejournal.com profile] porsha85   Happy birthday!

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The hot water cascading down my back felt soothing against my aching flesh. I was sticky all over after the rough pounding and I wanted to clean up, so I told the vamps I'd take a shower. Emmett had nodded and slapped my rump while Edward gazed hungrily at me.

I held the nozzle against my thigh as my other hand slid down my buttocks to reach my slackened hole. It ached gently from the fucking. As I swirled my thumb across the swollen flesh, I thought about their thick cocks inside me, one after the other.

Glancing down at my wet prick which stood at attention, I sighed gustily and fisted my shaft, uncovering the glans which gleamed an angry purple in the bright bathroom light. Hearing the sharp sounds of a motorbike below, I glanced at the small window and padded towards it. I fumbled with the catch for a few seconds and finally freed it; the tiles felt cold against my wet chest as I pushed against the wall to look at the city. The roofs were wide and pointy like canopies of oaks back home. The nozzle slid out of my fingers and it fell against the floor with a soft thump as I looked up at the clear night sky, my gaze drawn irresistibly to the crescent moon.  

I recalled how it looked the night I danced with Edward and he appeared to be carved out of moonlight. Sighing, I laid down my cheek upon the windowsill as I looked at the inconstant moon which looked the same as always, even so far from home.

She hadn't changed but I had. No longer was I the lonely boy who pined after Bella, but a man who had lain with two vampires.

I turned to stick the nozzle in its hook and stepped towards the glass door to grab the thick towel, wrapping it around my waist. After sliding the door open, I glanced at the mirror and saw the faint hickeys adorning my neck. I rubbed my neck, glaring at my reflection and the way it proclaimed I was theirs. There was no way I could mar their perfect skin like they had done to me, but maybe I'd be able to lay my mark on them some way. The wolf demanded this.

Hearing the sounds of the bed squeaking, I glanced at the door. I imagined Edward and Emmett were busy jerking off and I smirked in satisfaction. That was good, just as long as they didn't expect me to ride their laps again.

I wasn't a tireless sex god.

Closing the door with a soft sound, the moans coming from the bed caught my attention and I stared at the bed. The sight held me spellbound and made my arousal leak. Framed by the earthy colors of the room and the bright blue sheets, Edward and Emmett were locked in a heated embrace as they made love. Miles of pale limbs entwined as they writhed like marble statues come alive.

My nostrils flared at the scent of their coupling; it wasn't sweaty but musky with precome, tinged with the herbal scent of the lube.  Emmett grunted while he fucked Edward into the mattress and I tugged my prick through the towel; glancing down, I noticed the wet patch spreading on my lap.  

I padded on the carpet, soft under my bare feet like forest loam. Breathing harshly as my heart beat rapidly against my chest, I yanked my towel to free my confined prick. My mouth watered at the sight of Edward spread wide around the thick cock, cradling Emmett between his pale thighs. Emmett flexed his ass, his cock sliding smoothly into Edward's puffy, stretched hole to the squelching sound of lube and precome. I groaned in sympathy at Edward's whimpers; I knew what it felt to be pounded relentlessly like my insides were made of soft butter.

The wolf growled in anger at seeing his mate being mounted by another, but the man wanted so much to turn them around, spread further Edward's legs and sink in alongside Emmett. Splaying my hand on my chest, I willed my heart to slow down and think. Glancing down, I saw a clear drop of precome slide from the slit and it was obvious that my throbbing prick didn't care about anything.

Emmett thrust fast, grunting as his backside moved up and down. He was like a bear mating, and I licked my lips at the sight of his perfect, dimpled ass. He nudged Edward's legs aside and for a moment I glimpsed his hole, winking at me.

I didn't know what to do. My wolf wanted to claim and mark one after the other, but I wanted to make sweet love to them. I stalked towards them, not recognizing the harsh grunts escaping my lips. I cupped my fingers around my cockhead, squeezing it gently and then I lifted my palm to my mouth to taste the salty precome, moaning when Edward's greedy ring pulsed around the shaft on its way out.  

I climbed on the bed, wobbling under me, and scooted forward on my knees, tilting my neck to glance at Edward's rim swallowing the gleaming shaft while the slurping sounds of their fucking drove me crazy. Edward opened wide his thighs, egging me on.  

Emmett grunted a greeting I didn't quite catch as I bent my body, leaning down to grab the muscled thighs which I spread to get access to his hole.

"What the hell, pup?" yelled Emmett.

 I wanted to fuck him, but since he didn't bottom, I had to do something to warm him up to the idea. I kneaded his buttocks and held them apart with my thumbs as Emmett squirmed, trying to get away. Edward, though, wrapped his arms and legs tightly around him, immobilizing him as he bucked up his hips and impaled himself on his dick.

"Go on," said Edward between groans.

I smirked wickedly at my bear, trapped between his prey who had become the hunters. I lowered my head to taste the center of him. My tongue licked the crease of his buttocks and I blew softly against his wet skin.

"Jacob, that's… dirty," groaned Emmett, thrashing weakly as Edward gripped him even tighter.

"You taste good, Em," I said hoarsely.  

I licked a path down to his entrance, my thumb rubbing against the sensitive skin before spreading him to my hungry gaze. I lapped at his entrance which quivered under my tongue. Emmett bellowed his arousal and I needed no more prompting.

I swirled my tongue around the ring and speared one finger, and then another inside him, jabbing his insides, working him open for my greedy tongue. I carefully nibbled on the lips until the rim puffed out, fluttering hungrily against my tongue. Emmett paused in his fucking and then jerked his hips back and forth, a heartfelt groan filling the room as he rode my face in earnest. I nipped his ring lightly, making a stab with my tongue and spearing it inside, laving the walls as my fingers prodded his channel, searching for his prostate. I knew I had found it when he started rabbit-fucking Edward.

I stopped to growl, "Nope, man!"

Emmet moaned as he canted up his hips, presenting his ass for my attention while I held his hamstrings so strongly that he couldn't fuck Edward as harshly as before. Wanted him to come when I was inside him. He trashed around a bit, but between me and Edward, wrapped like a limpet around the smooth bear, we held him captive.

My tongue lapped some more around his entrance while thin strands of saliva fell down to his balls and onto Edward's clenching hole.

Emmett was sopping wet, ready to be fucked, but I had to make sure he wanted it.

Fisting my throbbing cock to spread my juices over the shaft, I tilted up my chin and whispered against the soft mounds while my thumbs rubbed circles on his ass.

"You want me to fuck you, Em?"

"God, yes! Your tongue, pup!" he said in a strangled voice. "Fuck me!"

Emmet groaned, and his big body shivered in front of me, his knees grabbing purchase on the sheets as he spread his legs and tilted up his hips, his cock pistoning slowly in and out of Edward. My fingers caressed his slick shaft and my thumb rubbed Edward's stuffed entrance, which quivered as it valiantly tried to absorb the cock poking his walls.

"Edward likes it rough," I said in a throaty voice, my prick twitching at the remembrance of Edward moaning under me, bucking up his hips as he fucked himself on my rod.

 "Roll your hips when you're completely inside." I held his hips when he was sunk in to the root and swayed them just so. "He loves it!"

"Jake, fuck us." Edward's hoarse voice made me groan. I glanced at my lap and scooted back a bit, my cock leaving a wet trail on Emmett's huge thigh.  

"Damn you, pup, fuck me!" growled Emmet, turning his head to pierce me with golden eyes.

I frowned at them as I stood up.

Emmett raised his hips, slipping out of Edward whose gaping entrance clenched hungrily.

"Jacob, move!" Edward said with a tinge of desperation.

"You're both twitching for it." I stepped towards them, holding my shaft between my index and thumb.

"You want me to…" I poked Emmett's saliva-slicked hole with my blunt cockhead.

"God," Emmett sobbed as his rim fluttered against my glans, his voice so hoarse it sounded like a bear grunting.  

"… fuck you." I sheathed myself to the hilt in a swift motion until my pubes brushed against his cold ass. He squeezed around me; it was exquisite and painful too, just like a cold velvet vise.  

I withdrew until just the head remained embedded in him and then jerked my hips forwards, the movement jiggling Em's body as he fucked into Edward; if the long, drawn-out whimper coming from the headboard was anything to go by.

Hunching my shoulders, I laid my hands on the sheets, splaying them to grab purchase before spearing Emmett on my prick. I thrust in and out in a mad rhythm, my cock rubbing his spot over and over until he writhed under me.

"Like it, Em?" I rubbed his back and leaned my head to lick a swath up his neck. Emmett turned his face and I nibbled on his lips, letting him enjoy the taste of himself.

Rubbing his back, I impaled him while his walls massaged my shaft. Fucking him in random thrusts, I found the place that made him moan. The sound followed moments later by Edward whimpering as Emmett fucked him in turn.

I climbed over the two of them like a wolf rutting his mate in heat. This caused me to find the perfect angle, though, because Emmett yelled, "Fuck, like that!"

Edward groaned. "You're killing me!"

"What?" I fucked my hips into Emmett.

"Your thoughts!"

"Gonna fill you up, Ed," Emmett said as I watched a drop of my sweat fall on his pale back. He squeezed around me so tight it made my shaft ache.

I felt wetness dripping down my inner thighs which told me Edward had come. Snaking my hand carefully downward, I squeezed gently Emmett's balls on my way towards Edward's quivering hole, I swiped my thumb around the puffy rim. Didn't have time to do more because Emmett's huge paw yanked my head by the hair. He pulled me forcefully towards him and kissed me, fucking his tongue into me as I swayed my hips, overcome by the clenching muscles around me.

I came, my shout captured by Emmett's mouth. The taste of that snarky mouth was pure Emmett, Edward and me, and it was worth the dull pain in my scalp.  

Panting harshly, I looped my arms around Emmett broad chest and heaved up his body with a mighty lurch while my hand lingered on the ridges of his abs. I so wanted to pour maple syrup all over his abdomen and lick it off him!

"God," groaned Edward when he read my thoughts. Emmett squirmed on my lap, dragging Edward with him. I looked down at the floor when I heard an ominous creaking sound. The bed sagged under us, until it finally splintered and we fell a few inches, the movement jarring my softening cock. I could have sworn the ground trembled below as I heard a booming sound in the distance.

My legs slid down to the floor with a painful thud. A sharp pain shot up through my left knee and I glanced down, noticing a splinter peeking out from the curve of my knee.

"What was that?" I said thickly.

Lifting himself from Emmett's lap, Edward lurched towards the bed, his nostrils flaring. I growled at the come dribbling down his thighs.

"People are in a panic, there was an explosion," Edward said.

Groaning, Emmett clenched around me one last time, milking my cock. His hand snaked towards me as he patted my head.  

"You guys are gonna kill me," Emmett said.

Em's hand looped behind the nape of my neck and he pulled me forward. He kissed the crease of my mouth, and then his tongue thrust inside in sharp, wild jabs, licking my teeth and palate.

He broke the contact, muttering, "Get out, Jake; your smell!"

"What the hell?" I shook my head. Was he going to mention the dog scent the pixie always prattled about?

"He means your blood, Jacob." Edward slumped on the sagging bed, his torso wiggling as the bed lurched some more and finally settled on the floor. "The scent of it is driving us mad with want."

Damn, the blood! I gazed down at the rivulet of blood falling through my ankle, and yanked the silk sheets so violently a strip tore off. Used it to hastily wipe the stain off the floor and then I stood up, not without ruffling Emmett's hair and whispering hoarsely, "I… thank you."

I dashed to the bathroom to take a bath and wash off the blood, trusting my abilities to heal the cut in no time. I wanted to bang my head against the wall, though.

What the hell was I thinking? I had to tell Emmett what the act had meant to me. Didn't have it in me to fuck him and just leave him like that. I had to take his feelings into account because I didn't want to act like Bella, but I chickened out at the end.


"So that explosion was a terrorist bomb?" I pointed at the flat monitor on the stucco wall.

Edward nodded. "Italian TV says it was a terrorist plot."

I glanced at the screen, noting that the anchorman wore a neat suit that framed broad shoulders. He had dimpled cheeks like Emmett, but the tousled hair and chiseled face bore a strong resemblance to Edward.

"Where did it explode?" Emmett leaned back on the couch, spreading his arms to wrap his hands around the nape of his neck. I licked my lips at the sight of the bulging biceps.

"Jacob, pay attention." Edward said with a smirk.

I blushed, cradling the bottle of mineral water between my palms. "Sorry guys, got carried away."

"Don't listen to Ed, Jacob." Emmett leaned forward to pat my arm. "And please, do get carried away. Anyway, the man said the bomb exploded near San Paolo church."

I nodded absently, trying not to think about what that name reminded me of. Marcus had implied my own thoughts could betray me, and that vamp seemed to know what he was talking about.

Glancing at the screen, I saw the mug shot of a guy with a scruffy beard. I sat up on the couch while Emmett said in amazement, "What do you know? That's the guy…"

"At the café." I glared at the TV. "He was the damned cashier that flirted with you!"

"Can't help it if people fall for my charm, wolf." Emmett said, turning towards me and winking lewdly.

I slouched on the chair and heaved a deep sigh. "The powers of the bitch reach even here!"

"You think Bella caused this?" Edward lifted his eyebrows.

"Sure, what other explanation is there?" Emmett said, and nodded at us.

"Have there been explosions around here?" I pointed at the TV with the bottle.

"No, they said it was the first." Edward's shoulders drooped a bit.

"That goddamned Bella is powerful!" I muttered through gritted teeth. It made me so angry the way the scrawny bitch menaced my vamps!

I lost it at that moment. I stood up and walked up to the flat screen to punch it, the glass and metal tinkling down to the floor.

Realizing that my blood would disturb the vamps, I lifted my hand, soaked with blood, and dashed to the bathroom where I wrapped a towel around it.

I called out towards the living room, "Am sorry, guys! Really sorry!"

Grabbing Edward's bathrobe, I twisted it around my hand in a crude bandage as I walked back to the room.

Emmett whistled and turned to wink at Edward. "We got us a real bronco, Edward."

Shrugging at Emmett's strangely arousing compliment, I lifted my closed fist. "The odor bothers you?"

Emmett's eyes gleamed darkly as his gaze swept from my head to my toes, making me feel like a delicacy in the pastry store on the corner whose name made me think of Leah.  "Not as much as you getting hurt, Jake."

I walked towards the minibar and grabbed a can of soda. "Should've thought about the blood, guys. Didn't think about consequences, just like Bella when she punched me."

I made my way back to the couch and plopped down. Taking a sip, I glared at Edward. "You were very mad at me."

"You hurt my Singer, Jacob." He shrugged guiltily. "I was still under her thrall."

Lowering the cold can, I pressed it lightly against my bicep while I nodded my acceptance of his apology. "I understand what you felt, Edward. I went berserk when Paul phased and threatened her."

Emmett stood up and glared down at us. "You two were deluded fools, pining for that bitch. Paul should've snapped her bony ass in half."

"It didn't hurt Bella when she punched Paul in the face, though," I said between sips.

"Guys, can you ever stop talking about her?" Emmett muttered angrily.  

"Wait a moment, Emmett." Edward raised his hand, pointing at me. "You said Bella punched Paul?"

"Yep, she did. Paul got angry and phased. I ran towards Bella to protect her. Had a fight with Paul over her."

"That damned troublemaker!" growled Emmett.

"Yet your thoughts tell me nothing happened to Bella when she hit Paul," Edward said thoughtfully.

"Sure, so what?"

"Wait, Jake," Emmett said, holding up his hand. "Bella punches your friend and nothing happens, but then the spoiled princess hits you and breaks her bony wrist?" He exchanged a glance with Edward and leaned towards me, squeezing my shoulder gently. "You don't see nothing strange, wolf?"

I sat up straight and put the can on the table. "It is strange, come to think of it."

"We may have just found the way to stop Bella," Edward said wonderingly.

My stomach grumbled, making a sound similar to the bed before it went kaput. Emmett grabbed me by the biceps and pulled me up, taking care that my makeshift bandage wasn't dislodged. I leaned into him while Edward frowned at us.

"Our wolf needs a hearty meal, Ed," Emmett said.


"Aro thinks Bella's power causes the world to bend to her will," Edward said.

I twisted the stem of the fork to wrap neatly the spaghetti. The dish was nearly empty and it was the third helping. After all, I needed the energy to replenish my body after our lovemaking. I breathed in the spicy scent, mixed with garlic and cheese. It was delicious.

"And?" I finally said, lifting my eyebrow at him.

"Bear with me," said Edward.

Emmett rolled his eyes; crossing his arms, he muttered under his breath, "Great, more talk about Bella!"

Edward shrugged. "At the quantum level, it's all probability, I think. Bella twists it so it favors her. Hence that bearded guy in reality was planning to explode the bomb later, but Bella's power reached out to make it more probable he would fiddle with the explosive now. Thankfully it went off at night, so no one was hurt."

I placed the fork on the plate. "Man, that power is awesome! I could use it to win the lottery."

"Wouldn't work that way," Emmett said, scrunching up his eyebrows. "Judging from how your dear Bella's power acts, Jake, you wouldn't even have to buy a lottery ticket! The guy who won the lottery would fall for you and give you everything you wanted!"

Edward sighed in exasperation. "Both of you are missing the point. If her power is so fearsome, why didn't the bomb explode when you two were at the café?"

I lifted my eyebrow at Emmett. So far, the big guy had come up with interesting thoughts.

He shrugged his broad shoulders, reclining against the thick woolen cloak draped over the chair. "Really have no idea, Edward."

"What were you doing there?"

Emmett grinned wolfishly at me. "Jake was being his usual cute, sexy self. To tell the truth, we were flirting like teenagers."

I blushed and then toed off my loafer, brushing his thigh with the sole of my foot.

"Guys," said Edward exasperatedly. "Get back on track."

"Oh, sorry," I said, breaking off the contact.

"Spoilsport," said Emmett grumpily, frowning at Edward. He glanced at his watch and then stood up.

"Gotta go, I'm meeting with someone who can help us." Draping the cloak over his shoulders, Emmett smirked at us. "I'll leave you two engrossed in your usual, and very annoying, Bella madness."

I glared at him as he glided out of the restaurant.


"So what are your conclusions, then," I said after Emmett left.

"It's only a surmise, but it holds together." Edward shrugged. "Put it simply, our advantage consists of you and your phasing. When you do that, you break probability laws, so I would conclude that your very nature is chaotic. It defies probability."

He grinned fondly at me, his hand snaking beneath the tablecloth to squeeze my knee. In between the attentions of Emmett and Edward, I felt like a cornered mouse sometimes. I loved it.

"You think so?" I arched my eyebrow, needing a further explanation.

Edward leaned back on the chair, gazing out of the window at the sunny street. "Think about it, Jacob. I believe every one of us defies probability with our powers; Alice, Emmett, you and me."

"You think so?"

He said wistfully, "In fact, I am sure every mortal does it in some measure. Yet Bella possesses some kind of lucky gene that grants her this ability in spades."

"And?" I brushed my hand against his tousled hair, snorting at the way the patron next to our table bunched up his newspaper.

"Your ability is different. There's this passion inside you that wants out and shapes you into who you are." He grinned fondly at me. "I sensed this from the first moment I met you. It's one of the reasons why I was so jealous of you. I guess Bella twisted the odds to obfuscate us and pull us apart so this attraction would remain unexplored."

"It worked," I said sadly.

"Yet she broke her hand when she hit you." Edward said, ticking off on his fingers. "And the bomb didn't go off when you were there, and also…"


"In the tent, you gave me a chance. You were friendly, I responded and so the dam that kept us apart broke. We started on the road that has led us here."

"My ability is like a shield, then." I said, gazing into his amber eyes.

"No, I believe it is always present, flaring up when you are emotional, though."

"That's good, I guess."

Edward reached his hand to caress my neck and I nudged the chair closer. He broke the contact too soon, though. He reclined on the chair, staring at the table with a sad expression. "I believe she chose me because her power demanded completion. Bella is not as free as she thinks."

"What do you mean?" I carded my fingers through his hair. 'You are worthy of love, you know.'

"Her power to mold reality complements nicely my own," he whispered sadly. "It's as simple as that, and now she's teamed up with Alice, who has an even greater ability that will help her along."

"But if she chose you and her power is so awesome… how come you broke off the wedding?" I said, pointing out the obvious flaw in his reasoning.

"You decided to come back."

"Wait." I held up my hand. "Bella can't anticipate my moves because of the probability stuff you said, so when I decided to return to see your wedding…"

"You changed the game, Jake. Your single decision cascaded downwards so fast, changing her loaded-dice outcome, that you aborted her greedy grasp. You may have some immunity against her," he concluded.

I nodded slowly. "Like I have with the pixie, who can't see me."

"Exactly, you elude Alice's keen visions."

I nodded slowly, that was exactly what I was counting on. If the pixie couldn't see me and she was working with Bella, I would exploit that weakness.

Edward gazed to the door and stood up. "Jacob, I have to go. There's something I have to check."

"Want me to go with you?" I said, standing up.

"No, stay here." Edward brushed his hair with his fingers. "Or go back to the hotel."

"Do you want me to …?"

He lifted up his hand. "No, don't tell me your plan. Be safe."

On his way out, he whispered softly, "I love you, Jacob."

'So do I.'


I strolled randomly through Volterra, without really watching where I was going. When I passed beneath the arch Marcus had pointed to me, I gazed up and imagined the despair that woman must have felt centuries ago as she plunged to her death, overcome with grief at the loss of her family. Recalling that even indestructible vampires could be killed, it seemed to me that the only eternal constant was grief.

This led me to visualize Bella's wan face after Edward left her, and I sympathized with her pain at losing Edward during the wedding. But then I recalled what happened after I helped her mend her heart, how she had played with me and kept me on a limb.

I turned around at the soft thudding steps of the Volturi guard behind me. It was the same one from before, Keiros or something. I felt a pang of pity when I remembered what Marcus told me; the guy had suffered from unrequited love for centuries, which was even worse than me!

Making up my mind, I walked up to him and grabbed his shoulder.

He didn't look as hateful as before. Maybe Aro had given him a good talking to before he reassigned him to guard me. There was a haunted look in his face, though, and I could certainly empathize with that.

"What…?" he started to say.

I grabbed his neck and pulled him towards me, kissing him forcefully on the lips. 

I backed away a few steps. Blushing like hell, I managed to mumble, "Don't pine, man. It isn't worth it!"

Then I stuck my hands in my pockets and dashed away, feeling heat spreading on my face. Maybe the vamp was thinking I was really a cock slut or whatever; it didn't matter because there was something in the moment that called for compassion, and I just had to do it.

A half hour later, I passed the church of San Paolo and decided I had gone far enough. It was time to return to the hotel and wait for my vamps. Hoped they had fished out the clues they were searching for because I didn't want to face any more of the strange coincidences.

The hair on the nape of my neck rose when I recognized the sickly sweet scent I knew well. It was Bella!

"Hello, dog." She was behind me and I whirled around, ready to shift and attack her.

"How did you find us?"

"The Volturi may work with you, but they don't have your allegiance; therefore, Alice can see them as they discuss you and your strange ways," Bella said, her beady red eyes contrasting sharply with the black, stylish cloak which made her look like a supermodel.

"Just wait till…"

"Emmett won't save you this time, Jacob!" The pasty-faced bitch sneered at me.  "Nor will Edward rush to rescue you."

"I can save myself," I growled. "I will…"

"You will do nothing!" She cocked her hips, the picture of chic undead on the cobbled street of Volterra. "You will have to choose, though, between Edward and Emmett."


Many dark shapes glided through the alley towards us, holding Emmett captive. His clothes were so torn they hung by a thread, the sun striking sparks off his perfect torso. In despair, I glanced towards the other side where I saw even more leeches approaching, Edward between them. Bella had caught the two and was taunting me!

"Since you care so much for these traitors, you have to choose one of them," said the evil vamp in a gloating voice. "We will kill the other. I won't even have to kill you, for I know you very well and I'm sure the choice you make will destroy you, corroding you from inside."

It had come to this decision Bella forced on me, thinking I could ever choose between them.

Yet Bella, for all her smugness, had made no mention of the most important thing.

I took at a glance the lack of normal people. Bella's powers at work, I guessed; probably an accident somewhere kept them occupied so she could strut around.

I turned towards the church and looked at Emmett, who was squirming among the many leeches that prevented his escape.

 "Take care, big guy." I lifted up my hand towards him, spreading my fingers in a gesture of farewell, and went on, my voice breaking at the end, "I love you, Emmett."

Taking a deep breath, I said loudly a few choice endearments in Quileute.

Emmett stared at me for a moment; he must have seen something in my face because he mumbled, "Sweet Jacob… brave Jacob." His handsome face crumpled up in despair and his body sagged, so his captors had to hold him upright.

I glanced at Edward, who was writhing and twisting to get free.

"Jacob, don't!" he shouted desperately. "Please, Jake, don't do that!"

I stared at him, the indomitable vamp I fell in love with, wanting to hold the image in my mind to give me the strength to do what I had to do. 'I love you, Edward. Remember our moonlit dance, forever.'

Closing his eyes, Edward moaned brokenly,

"Choose between your two bones, dog!" Bella said harshly.

I had had enough of this woman! Who did she think she was talking to?

I whirled around to face Bella, and spat at her.

She just stared dumbly at me, not believing I had the guts to do that.

"I will snap your neck, you pushy, obnoxious, moronic DOG!" shrieked Bella.

"You won't talk to me like that, Bells. I'm Ephraim's…" I paused and shook my head. "Fuck that shit! I'm Jacob Black and that's enough; and you're nothing but a fucking whore, Bella - that's all you'll ever be, a forever whore."

"How dare YOU?"

"Hell's Bells," I snarled, crouching. "That's exactly where you will be, BITCH!"

Having made the only choice my heart could bear, I launched myself towards Bella and phased in midair, and prepared to face death.


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From: [identity profile] vanashta.livejournal.com
Amazing!!!!Awesome ,and Hot!!!;DDD
Loved the end with enraged,powefull Jake spatting'Hells Bells'(that sound familliar somehow,song???) hopefully full in her ugly face!!!;DDDDD

But that's a mean cliffhanger,you left us with!!!!!:(((
Jake's goin' in for the kill,and will succeed ,right???
(if this is heading for a bad ending,please let me know so I can stop reading on time!!!!)
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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! :DDDD I kept working on it until the last minute!! ;DDD

Jake has had enough, and Bella's insults got to him, as they would get to anyone!!! :DDDD

By the way, the line with the moronic dog is canon!Bella, out of one of her quotes!! :(((((

I think you posted a song... and Hell's Bells is how Jake sometimes calls her in canon...

The cliffhanger is hard, I know, but it had to be there. :DDDD I don't think that woman is going to win at all. Jake has something up his sleeve!! :DDDD

Lots of surprises coming up!! :DDDD
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Date: 2012-12-16 04:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vanashta.livejournal.com
Yes I enjoyed it,first part too ofcourse;DDDDD(now I know for sure,and it was what I assumed ;DDDD

Yeah,you posted that quote once and it made me hate her even more!!!de Teef!!!

Could be,don't remember which one though!
In the last movie then..?Or the books right??


But not before the awful Christmas ,I'm afraid....:(((

Date: 2012-12-16 04:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herumtreiber.livejournal.com
It was that kink. There should be a detective of kinks, somewhat like Sherlock ;DDDD

Really, most of her quotes are awful. She's whining about how awful she is, and she keeps doing the same!!

I think it's in the books. I keep throwing them against the walls when I read too much of her, though, so I'm not sure.

There are hints of it in this chapter.

Who knows if the plot bunny strikes? :DDD

I have to give Bells a xmas present!!... Dear Bells... this is how you are going to croak!! :DDDDD

Edited Date: 2012-12-16 04:52 pm (UTC)

Date: 2012-12-16 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wirrrn.livejournal.com

Awesome. Em and Ed getting it on and then J joining in? :fans self:

Loved how it seems that selfLESS acts by Jacob negate Bella's selfISh powers. Also him calling her nasty names was almost as good as refuting her traditional villain's sadistic choice :)

Date: 2012-12-16 05:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herumtreiber.livejournal.com
Thanks! Jake wanted in on the action :)

Bella is all selfishness, and Jacob may be the antidote.

After Bella called him those names, having been her best friend, there was only one reasonable way Jacob could react :)

Date: 2012-12-17 05:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wirrrn.livejournal.com

heh. Btw- email me (wirrrn@yahoo.com) and I shall send you my debut E/J :)

Date: 2012-12-17 12:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herumtreiber.livejournal.com
Looking forward to reading it :)


Date: 2012-12-17 05:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] porsha85.livejournal.com
Two story updates for my birthday!! I feel spoiled. :-) ekkk...either I am gonna need popcorn or a stiff drink for the next chapter...this is getting intense!!

Re: Yay

Date: 2012-12-17 12:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herumtreiber.livejournal.com
Happy birthday! The fight is going to be intense... we'll see what Jake might offer to counter Bella!


Date: 2012-12-25 04:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] porsha85.livejournal.com
Need a drink! The anticipation is killing me!!

Re: I....

Date: 2012-12-25 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] herumtreiber.livejournal.com
It's going to be tough for Jake and everyone involved!


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