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When I learned guitar, I used to play this song - not that well or anything, but I managed to do it. It was a favorite of the teacher's.
Those guitar strings really cause fingertips to become calloused.

(I played the Godfather theme on a flute when I was a kid. Might explain my fascination with Don Corleone :)

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I was going to post another song, but the Muppets won paws down - or whatever their appendages are called - because of their energetic performance.

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I like this Christmas song by Queen, and Freddie's banana hat.

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I enjoy listening to this Christmas song, and I like this version because the lead singer looks a lot like Draco.

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 I like this commercial because of the song and the video with the lights. I just love Christmas lights decorating houses and trees :)

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This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I've heard it since I was little but didn't know its name very well. However, it's very similar to the title of one of John le Carré's books, so that helped to find out this video :)

I like this version because it features David Bowie, singing together with Bing Crosby.

Direct link to youtube

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Since today is the anniversary of Beethoven's baptism on 17 December 1770, I was tempted to post a version of the Ninth which is considered to be one of the greatest: Furtwängler in Zürich in 1954 - which I researched when I wrote a chapter of Accompanied sonata.

I changed my mind, though, and decided to post the Muppets playing the Ninth :)

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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] intimisky & [livejournal.com profile] veritas03

Your result for The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test...

Molly Weasley


You are Molly Weasley, mother of seven children and wife of Arthur Weasley. As the caretaker of so many children, Molly is headstrong, defensive, and caring. She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends, always attending to others’ needs before her own. She can get a little hotheaded at times, especially when somebody breaks her rules. Otherwise, she is practically a saint. You are similar to Molly in the sense that both of you are devoted to your loved ones more than anything else. It is likely that you have your own set of morals and that you have a very clear definition of what is right and what is wrong. People who do not share your views will often get the cold shoulder, but you try your best not to judge too much. As long as you are treated with respect, you welcome new friends into your life with open arms. The one thing that breaks you is stress; it can sometimes turn you into a completely different person. You always realize your mistakes, though, and apologize for any rudeness displayed. No one would ever call you thoughtless or discourteous, and they'd be wrong if they did! On top of being kind-hearted, you are extremely protective, often sticking up for your loved ones more than they even want you to. They may never tell you how much they value you, but you should know that your friendship is truly irreplaceable.

In short, you are more:

Cautious than impulsive
Mature than immature
Modest than arrogant
Normal than weird
Extroverted than introverted

Your polar opposite is Mundungus Fletcher

Take The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test at HelloQuizzy

This is quite convenient because Molly offed Bella(trix) :)

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Here is a succinct and pictorial review of Breaking Dawn part 2 which contains spoilers. Warning for Bellas... and all those who love her are advised not to open this.

Bella wins the hearts of the viewers by protecting Bambi

Bambi, why didn't you kick her up the... ?

Bella loves the letter 'e' and goes berserk when people don't use it.
Dearest Bella: I am not amused. At all. It would seem great white sharks, wendigos and zombies are not enough for you, so prepare yourself.


The Cullens give Kristen Stewart acting lessons, in which they fail miserably.

zombie!Bella is canon

The Volturi are evil because they are doing their duty.



Alice attires herself superbly for battle.



Edward reveals hidden incestual tendencies

Sonny and Ched


Spoilers for the deleted final scene: * Benjamin shows up at the meadow. Enraged at Bella, he causes a chasm in the earth into which the pointy, whey-faced wisp of a trampire falls screaming to her fiery death. Edward seeks succor in Jake. Renesmee goes to Scotland in search of her real father, the Loch Ness monster (turns out the Monster was taking his summer vacation at a resort off the coast of Brazil, where he met Bella. One thing led to another and that is why Bella got so mad at Jacob; unwittingly, the wolf stumbled upon the truth) Note: The imprint fails when it deals with monsters' daughters (by monster, I don't mean Scottish Nessie)*


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In this meme I found online, you have to write down the name of five musicians before answering the questions. Here are mine:

Sarah McLachlan
Linda Ronstadt
Paul Simon
Bon Jovi

Below, the answers and videos:

What was the first song you ever heard by 1? Actually, it was a 'Latter days' video using this song


What is your favorite song of 4? My favorite U2 song is '2 hearts beat as one.' 


What kind of impact has 1 left on your life? I like her songs. I guess that's enough.


What are your favorite lyrics of 5? This one: 'I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride' from Wanted dead or alive


How many times have you seen 4 live? once


What is your favorite song by 2? I like this Linda Ronstadt song a lot:


Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad? For some reason, listening to Paul Simon's 'Late in the evening'  makes me sad.


What is your favorite song by 1? This one:


When did you first get into 2? When I heard Adios, it made me interested and I found out more about Ronstadt.


How did you get into 3? I'd heard a lot of Simon and Garfunkel, and I liked the songs; this was reinforced by listening to My little town and Graceland. Paul Simon works magic with his lyrics.


What is your favorite song by 5? My fav Bon Jovi song is this:


How many times have you seen 2 live? I haven't been to a Linda Ronstadt concert.


What is a good memory concerning 5? Driving down the road listening to 'Wanted dead or alive' blaring from the radio.


Is there a song by 4 that makes you sad? This song from The Joshua tree is hauntingly sad.


What is your favorite song by 3? It's got to be this one from the Graceland album because of the lyrics: 'His path was marked by the stars in the Southern Hemisphere / And he walked the length of his days under African skies.'


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Taken from the flist.

Type these words into the search bar on your music program and list the first song that appears in the results.

happy: "I'm happy just to dance with you" - The Beatles
love: "I'm not in love" - 10CC
hate: "Turn back the clock" - Johnny Hates Jazz
light: "Light of some kind" - Ani DiFranco
dark: "Sergeant Darkness" - America
good: "Hello goodbye" - The Beatles
bad: "You give love a bad name" - Bon Jovi
smile: "The smile has left your eyes" - Asia
cry: "Cryin'" - Aerosmith
girl: "Who's that girl" - Annie Lennox
boy: "Boys keep swinging" - David Bowie
sad: "Sexy Sadie" - The Beatles
lost: "Island of lost souls" _ Blondie
night: "Bangkok / One night in Bangkok" - Chess
day: "The living daylights" - A-Ha
wolf: "Hungry like the wolf" - Duran Duran
robot: "I am not a robot" - Marina & the Diamonds
dance: "Let's dance" - David Bowie
time: "I had the time of my life" - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
life: "A day in the life" - Beatles
death: "Love Death Birth" - Carter Burwell
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I ganked this quiz from somewhere and forgot about it until I opened the document. So here it goes:

1 - Favorite character. Draco Malfoy overall. From reading the books alone: Severus Snape.

The other 29 questions... )

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There's a scene I love in Umberto Eco's Foucault's pendulum: the Milanese editor, Jacopo Belbo, and his friend Casaubon are weaving plots from wacky manuscripts. They decide to feed random lines into an archaic word processor, print the results and pour over them. They are struck by the repetitions and patterns, eventually leading to their concocting even weirder plots.

When I write haikus, sometimes they come easy. Most of the time, though, I have to fiddle with them: search new words, take care of the number of syllables, adjust the imagery and so on. I write them on notepad, and sometimes I don't erase the lines. At times I have trouble deciding which version to post.

So here are some haikus in raw form.

Warning for 2 suggestive lines.

Drarry... )

Jakeward )

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There are some interesting comparisons. Warning for a bellyful of Bellas.

Image-heavy post )

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This is the video I made with the Beatles song, using footage from HBP and 'Elizabeth' with Cate Blanchett. A friend of mine wanted to see it, so here it is.

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So, I was looking for pictures of the snow and found this site. The results are funny and sometimes polyjuiced.

Image-heavy post )
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During my surfing, I stumbled upon this intriguing piece of information:

 I was startled, and determined to find out the mystery of the number. After imbibing several cups of coffee, pacing back and forth, and throwing darts at my Bella posters, I arrived at the only logical conclusion. Sixty-five is the Cullen number because it is the number of times Edward has to gaze at Jake before he goes from this:

To this:

Having reached this satisfying conclusion, I have to advance mathematical knowledge in general and persuade thick-headed, stubborn vampires in particular by posting a heavy Jake picspam, including Emmett and Ephraim Black.

Warning for bare chests.

Image-heavy post )

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Since this is thing 64, I'm reminded of the Beatles When I'm sixty-four, so I decided to post my favorite Beatles song: 'While my guitar gently weeps' by George Harrison, featuring Eric Clapton. As with all Beatles songs, I can't remember when I heard it for the first time, though I recall one Christmas day this song played while we put the baubles and lights on the Christmas tree.

I like this song so much, I even made a Drarry video with it; I don't see the point of uploading it, though. Besides, it has footage I had already used.

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So I'm writing a short fic and wanted to be sympathetic to Bella. I looked up some Bella quotes... suffice it to say it made writing the last paragraph of the fic a very satisfying experience.

Here are a few of the quotes with my commentary:

Read more... )

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I've been entranced by this group for quite some time now. In fact, I may have written a story or two about the lead singer because these people are able to seemingly weave magic into their wild lifestyle. It would be a thrill to become part of this aristocratic set, though I don't know if I could withstand the stress they face.

One thing for sure, I would try to convince them to change their manager because that person and his entourage has led them into dire straits. Their clothes look cool on them and their hair makes them the center of attention wherever they go, a perfect mix of Bon Jovi and P!nk.

Video... )


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