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Merry Christmas!
(It's hard to resist the temptation to put Santa hats on everyone)



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Here is a succinct and pictorial review of Breaking Dawn part 2 which contains spoilers. Warning for Bellas... and all those who love her are advised not to open this.

Bella wins the hearts of the viewers by protecting Bambi

Bambi, why didn't you kick her up the... ?

Bella loves the letter 'e' and goes berserk when people don't use it.
Dearest Bella: I am not amused. At all. It would seem great white sharks, wendigos and zombies are not enough for you, so prepare yourself.


The Cullens give Kristen Stewart acting lessons, in which they fail miserably.

zombie!Bella is canon

The Volturi are evil because they are doing their duty.



Alice attires herself superbly for battle.



Edward reveals hidden incestual tendencies

Sonny and Ched


Spoilers for the deleted final scene: * Benjamin shows up at the meadow. Enraged at Bella, he causes a chasm in the earth into which the pointy, whey-faced wisp of a trampire falls screaming to her fiery death. Edward seeks succor in Jake. Renesmee goes to Scotland in search of her real father, the Loch Ness monster (turns out the Monster was taking his summer vacation at a resort off the coast of Brazil, where he met Bella. One thing led to another and that is why Bella got so mad at Jacob; unwittingly, the wolf stumbled upon the truth) Note: The imprint fails when it deals with monsters' daughters (by monster, I don't mean Scottish Nessie)*


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There are some interesting comparisons. Warning for a bellyful of Bellas.

Image-heavy post )

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So, I was looking for pictures of the snow and found this site. The results are funny and sometimes polyjuiced.

Image-heavy post )
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In a search for inspiration - and eye candy - I found these twilight guys. Jake, Edward, Emmett, and Seth.

Image-heavy and heavily shirtless )
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You taught me how to cook a dish and you've shown me cool videos; we've also shared laughter and tears. Today I  wish you a happy celebration with your family and a great year!!

These guys paused from their heated Quidditch competition to send their wishes: )

*hugs close*

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Since I was making an icon, I decided to make a Jakeward manip too:

Warning: Smoking hot Edward and laughing Jake :)

SFW manip... )

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A dear friend asked me to post photos depicting my ideal Dracos, so here it goes.

I didn't watch the HP movies until late in the game, and frankly, Draco in the books didn't leave that great of an impression. i never hated him. Sympathised with him in fact. Still, it was hard to picture him.

Image-heavy post, slightly NSFW )

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Here's another Taylor picspam, featuring two pics of Robert P.
Warnings for dry and wet t-shirts... and some abs :)

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Because the day promises to be dreary and dismal, there's nothing like a little Jake picspam to brighten the outlook :)


Warnings: Tongue and not enough shirtlessness

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This is a video I made with Marilyn Monroe pictures, set to 'Candle in the wind.'

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I ganked this link from [livejournal.com profile] wincest_drarry 's journal: Doggel Ganger - Human to canine software

So I decided to see what Tom Felton, Dan Radcliffe and Taylor Lautner's canine matches are. Here are the results, LOL :)

Sirius, Alice Cullen, Voldemort and Umbridge as dogs  )

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Here are some photos of Hogwarts' best and brightest :)

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As preparation to research for the next chapter of the Jakeward fic, I'm putting up these gifs and photos.

Rating: Shirtless!Jake

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Me encanta tu amistad y el poder llamarte amiga. De alguna manera te siento cerca, como si vivieses a la vuelta de la esquina, aunque la distancia nos separe.

Doy gracias a estos espejos lejanos y cercanos que facilitan nuestra comunicación. Siento que contigo puedo hablar de tantos temas: Fringe, Borges, música, Drarry, y Eco entre otros.

En honor de tu cumpleaños, que espero lo disfrutes tanto como lo merece tu cálida persona, he preparado un video con algunos de estos temas, usando la música del maestro Astor Piazzolla. Aquí te lo dejo, mándandote un cordial saludo en tu día desde aquestos lares :)

Enlace directo a youtube

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Title: Leather warriors
Rating: PG-13
Warning: shirtless!Taylor
Actors: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson
Notes: This is for [livejournal.com profile] vanashta, thank you for the idea!

Manip... )

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William Shakespeare

Thou canst not say I did it: never shake
Thy gory Draco Malfoy at me.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

More Shakespeare and photos )

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Snow crunching below,
the Trio braves the blizzard,
Puffskeins in the sleet.


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