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Title: The Santa wolf
Author: herumtreiber
Rating: PG-13
Pairing (Characters): Jacob/Edward, Bella, Seth
Word count: ~1,268
Warnings: Humor, preslash. SFW manip; Jake, Edward and Seth are not hurt.
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight, not me. This is for fun, not profit.
Summary: During New Moon Bella goes on an outing with Jacob. Unexpected things happen.


"Jake, could you please tell your friend to move forward?"

"You can tell him yourself, Bella," Jake huffed, cocking his head to dislodge the Santa's hat tip off his nose.

"Sorry, I forget you're not real wolves." Bella held the camera next to her shoulder, peering at the viewfinder. "Seth, could you move to that outcropping over there so the truck fender doesn't show up in the photo?"

Obediently, the sandy-colored wolf walked forward until he faced the downhill side. Seth pricked up his ears at the sound of a mountain lion roaring far below.

"Jake, look this way!"

Jacob lifted his hand to nudge the red hat which had slid down until he resembled a drunken Santa; then he glared at his best friend and crush.

"Why do you want me in the Santa hat?" he mumbled. "Why take a photo of Seth in wolf form?"

Fingering her camera, she shrugged innocently. "I just want to send it to Renée as a Christmas card, you know, to show her how nice this place is."

"Are you going to tell your mother that we have domesticated wolves?" said Jacob.

"I haven't got to that part yet," said Bella, looking demurely at the ground. "But if it is too much – if you feel I offend your dignity – I'll understand."

She turned around and called over her shoulder, "I'll go home in the truck."

"Wait, Bells!" Jake lifted up his hand. He recalled the dark days during which he had helped Bella recover from the leech abandoning her. Just that morning, it had taken him half an hour to persuade her to eat breakfast.

"Fine," he mumbled as he crossed his arms, looking thoroughly disgruntled.

Bella sighed and took the photo. She looked at Seth sideways. "Thanks, Seth."

The sandy-furred wolf huffed his reply.

Bella smiled weakly and started walking backwards, making a detour towards her truck. She said softly, "Since you're in a bad mood, I'll leave you alone, Jacob."

Jacob frowned at her and lifted his arms. "Wait, Bella!"

"No, I'll leave the big men alone in the forest." Bella frowned, and then grinned briefly before taking another step backwards.

"Bella, watch out for the RAVINE!" shouted Jacob, but it was too late. Bella's sneakers slipped through the pebbles at the end of the deep crevice she wasn't able to see and she tumbled down, whirling her arms as if she was getting ready to do cartwheels in the middle of the woods.

"Bella! Bella!" Jacob shouted in despair and ran to the edge of the crevice, followed by Seth. He was getting ready to jump down when he saw a pale figure holding Bella's crumpled body.

"What the hell?" said Jacob.

"Mutt, I'll take Bella to the hospital," said Edward from the bottom of the ravine, holding Bella's unconscious body.

Edward walked away, carefully negotiating the numerous boulders so as not to jostle his precious cargo as he mumbled to himself, "Why did Alice say she was going to jump from a cliff? It was a ravine and I wasted precious time at the beach, arriving here too late!"


Jacob clutched the box of expensive chocolates to his broad chest as he gazed around, his face twisted in anguish at the empty hospital bed.

"Where is she?" he moaned. "Where's Bella? Something happened to her?"

Edward walked into the room, his undead heart clenching at the sight of the handsome Quileute, clad in blue jeans and a white t-shirt. What attracted his pity, though, was the sad look that crumpled up Jacob's chiseled face.

"Pup, Bella's fine."

"She… is?" said Jacob brokenly.

"She went home to Phoenix." Edward gently took the chocolate box from the Quileute's unresisting hands, shuddering at the feeling of the smooth, warm skin against his cold fingers. 

"Really?" said Jacob.

"She left this morning; that's what the doctors advised." Edward stepped hastily towards the window because he was tempted to kiss Jacob's pouty lips until that sad grimace vanished. Pulling the curtains instead, he gazed down at the parking lot as he reflected that he should have burned the photo Bella took of Jacob and Seth. He hadn't, though; he hung it next to his CD shelf where he stared at it for hours, to Alice's annoyance and the frequent snickers of Rosalie.

"Why would they do that?" said Jacob sadly.

"The hot weather in Arizona will make her heal faster. She broke her arms and her leg when she fell, mutt… Jacob."

"I know, she told me when I brought her the cookies and cake Emily baked for her."

"I told her to tell you she was leaving Forks," said Edward, bending down to pick up Bella's phone, which supposedly was the reason he had returned to the room.

"Nope, she didn't tell me anything. Must've been too busy or something." Jacob sighed, brushing his hand through his short hair, an action which Edward followed keenly from the reflection in the window. Jacob looked so much hotter with short hair, thought the vampire. Then he glanced at the TV monitor.

Edward snarled in anger; his fingers gripped tightly the plastic case of the phone as he remembered Bella lazily watching the soap operas in the TV.

"I'm leaving, Cullen. Since you're angry with me like always." Jacob sighed and flexed his biceps. Truth to tell, he had been visiting Bella because Edward was often there, and it was fun to hang out with the vamp when Bella watched the TV.

"What? No, I'm not angry at you, Jacob."

Jacob smirked and pointed at Edward's right hand. "You destroyed the phone."

Edward opened his fingers and the broken pieces of metal and plastic fell, making clanking sounds against the linoleum floor. "It's what I was going to do, just in case the Volturi grabbed a hold of it."

"The what?" said Jacob, his brow furrowing in puzzlement. Edward liked that look on Jacob's face, so he said nothing for a few seconds and then he grabbed the arm of the Quileute and pushed him towards the door.

"I'll explain over lunch, if you have time," said Edward, pressing the chocolate box against Jacob's chest until the shifter took it with trembling fingers. Jacob felt heat pool in his groin at the predatory look of the leech, directed solely towards him this time.

"Well, I have lots of time," Jacob finally said. "With Bella gone, I won't have to watch her boring soap operas to keep her company. I was going to spend the holiday visiting her."

They walked to the door and Edward's thumb rubbed against the warm fingers which were holding the box.

"In that case, we can go to my house." Edward said insinuatingly, "You can wear a Santa hat for me."

"What? You too!" Jake scowled at Edward, who sushed him by putting his finger upon the full lips.

"Fine, we'll do that after I feed you the chocolates as we watch the basketball game," said Edward.

"You like basketball?"

"Not really, so you'll have to tell me what it all means."

"Well, it's really easy…" Jacob started to say while the two walked along the corridor.

A few minutes later, a slim woman covered in a black cloak opened the door and glided into the room, the late afternoon sun making her ruby eyes glint menacingly.

She gracefully picked up the pieces of the phone, patiently gathering them in her pale hand.

"Despite our informant at the high school, I was too late. Still, I wonder what addresses we will find here," whispered Jane, smiling evilly.

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